Releasing Joey and the Magic Map as an audio book is every bit as exciting as publishing it in book form. I’m old enough to use the mis-nomenclature of Books on Tape when referring to audio books. I’m sure that over the years the list of audio books I’ve listened to is well into the hundreds. Sitting in a comfortable chair or lying in the shade with a good book is one of life’s pleasures. Turning up an audio book while on a road trip or going for a walk is another of life’s pleasures. When the narrator is well-matched to the audio book, as if often the case (such as Tim Curry and Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series), the pleasure is even greater.

Joey and the Magic Map is read by newcomer Cory Anderson. He captured the pace and tone of the book’s voice perfectly. Take a moment to listen to the sample to see if you agree. Join Joey on his search to find out if he deserves to be loved. A ghost, a magical caretaker, and a magic map help him on his way. You can purchase the Audible recording here: Joey and the Magic Map — Audible.